Shark Attack 13/02/09

This Time In Bondi

Within a couple of days of the previous attack, we get news that another person has been attacked by a shark

A BIT of skin was all that connected a surfer’s left hand to his arm last night after a shark attack at Bondi – the second shark attack in Sydney this week.

The surfer,  Glenn Orgias, 33, of Dover Heights, suffered deep cuts to his arm when he was attacked by the shark while surfing the break off South Bondi about 8pm.

Oh dear. Surfing at 8pm? Isn’t that like feeding time for sharks? Doesn’t the woman at the start of ‘Jaws’ get it because she’s swimming in dusk? Or was that dawn?

The bit that got a laugh out of me was this bit: 

It was initially understood that there had not been a recorded shark attack at Bondi since 1929, when Colin Stewart, 14, was killed and four weeks later John Gibson, 39, the son of a Melbourne department store owner, lost his life. 

But Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald said there had been attacks there in 1951 and 1936.

1929… let’s see now… Hmmm wasn’t that the year of the great stock market crash? Who knew sharks played the stock market? Judging from most financial types, I probably shouldn’t be surprised. 🙂 

It was pointed out to me today that Sydney Harbour’s brimming with fish stocks so it is unsurprising that more sharks are drawn to the harbour. Chalk that up as another explanation.

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