Men Feminism Forgot

Matty, You’re An Animal!

This is so wrong on so many levels.

THE comments of one senior NRL representative player indicate how difficult it could be to change the sexual behaviour and attitudes of elite league players.

He warned group sex among NRL players would continue regardless of a warnings from chief executive David Gallop that unsavoury sexual acts would put their contracts at risk. The representative player told the Herald that his colleagues were left stunned by Gallop’s hardline stance when no player had been convicted of sexual assault, adding that the caution would quickly be forgotten.

“It’s fine for David Gallop to come out and say you can’t have group sex but the last thing blokes will be thinking about on a Friday night at the club is David Gallop,” said the player, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “I don’t know how a chief executive can come out and say we can’t have group sex if it’s consensual. It’s like discrimination because that is a person’s private life. It’s like saying you can’t be homosexual, or you can’t have such-and-such sexual preferences. How can he tell us what we can do in our private lives? What if there’s more women than guys, is that wrong, too?

“We already have so many rules: we can’t drink on these days, we can’t go to these places, now we can’t have group sex. About the only thing we can do these days is go to club functions, and just hang around other players. That’s just isolating us more from the rest of the world, and it could lead to even more violent acts.”

Would you look at that! I bolded that word ‘discrimination’ because it just popped off the page like a firecracker. I love how the language of the victim has been appropriated by these alpha male pituitary cases. They need to be told they’re not being discriminated against, they’re being told to control and master their libido to resemble societal norms.

Which brings me to the second point. David Gallop seems to assume that there are societal norms and that the NRL start players should know what these norms are. It’s laughable that Mr. Gallop thinks these players are within cooee of that cognition. It just isn’t the way they think.It’s not like anybody knows, unless they run another Kinsey Report, and the NRL sure aren’t going to pay for that.

Then there’s the threat at the end by the star player that if he and his kind don’t get what they want – i.e. ‘Group Sex’ – then there will be more violence. That had me cracking up in manic laughter. Who’s stupid idea was it to market athletes as role models again? No wonder they keep getting betrayed by their very own players. These guys are cavemen.

More to the point, if you love your daughters, don’t raise them to hang around footballers. You’ll save your family a whole pile of humiliation.

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