Yankees Update 11/07/09

Thank God For The Twins

The Yankees had a good week where they finished off the series with Toronto by winning the 3rd and losing the 4th, only to roll into Minnesota to play the Twins. The Yankees wen ton to sweep the Twins, and then with all but the Angels remaining before the all star break, seemed to go on a mental holiday.

The Yankees have thus gone 4-3 this week.

The Twins this season seem to have some kind of mental block about playing the Yankees, a bit like how the Yankees have a mental block about playing Boston and so, they’ve not won a game against the Yankees this year in 7 encounters. This 7-0 record has helped the Yankees balance out the 0-9 record they have against the Red Sox, which sort of explains how the 2 teams are at around 2 games difference in standings.

Why Can’t They Beat These Guys? Part 4 – The Los Angeles Angels of Annaheim

When it gets down to it, the Angels have been the nightmare team for the Yankees this decade. They’re the only team that has a winning record against the Yankees in the AL this decade. Much of that has been them exploiting the weak defenses the many Yankees squads have had this decade, with their put-the-ball-in-play style.

The Angels always seem to have just enough pitching to hold the Yankees’ bats down and just enough contact hitting to outscore what their pitching gives up. What amazes me is that the Yankees don’t seem to have devised any tactic or strategy against this team over the years, except add more bats in Free Agency.

What’s disappointing this year is that even with improved defense and pitching, the Yankees are getting nickel-and-dimed to a tune of 10 runs by the Angels offense whils scoring 6 runs. You’ think 6 runs should be good enough to win most games.

Joba Sucked This Last Month

I should know, I have him on my lone fantasy roster this year. He was doing better earlier in the season but he seems to have lost a little zip. He’s striking out fewer and he’s got an ERA around 4.25. In the last month his ERA has been sitting at 5.16 with 23 Ks in 29.2 innings. I don’t think that’s really cutting it. Together with the inured Wang and Andy Pettitte who is a ERA 4.50 sort of guy now, the Yankees need better pitching out of all their home-grown starters.

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