ALCS Game 2

I Have No Fingernails Left To Gnaw

The Yankees squeezed something magical out of the bottle in extended innings and won 4-3 in the 13th with an error by the Angels. But even before it got to that, A-Rod hit a solo homer in the 11th to keep it alive. It was shaping to be a pitcher’s duel when it gave way a total war of the bullpens. The Yankees had 13 hits the Angels 8, and the score line ended up being 4-3.

Still, you take those wins and savor them as much as you take all the losses that got the team eliminated from the Post-Season in previous years.

That had to be a game for the ages, and all of a sudden the Yankees are 2-0 up. I’m exhausted just following it. I imagine the players must be wasted after a game like that. The teams now head for Anaheim where it’s a little warmer. You hope the Yankees can get those 2 wins while they’re there.

Just, wow.

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