Politically Incorrect Prime Minister

So Is The Illinois Enema Bandit!

The headline caught me unguarded at the supermarket checkout line but it’s flabbergasting. Julia Gillard says she’s not going to be ‘PC’ when it comes to asylum seekers, and that John Howard wasn’t really a racist.

I’m a little worried about this one.

The new PM jumped to the defence of John Howard – the architect of the Pacific Solution and the Tampa crisis – saying the former PM is “most certainly” not racist.

She also declared that:

  • Political correctness was dead and should be “swept out of the way” in such sensitive national debates;
  • Australia needed an “effective” border protection policy.

“I do understand the concerns when people see boats looming on the horizon, I also understand that there’s nothing humanitarian about people being on boats and potentially at risk of losing their lives at sea.”
Ms Gillard’s straight talking on asylum-seekers comes after illegal boat arrivals exploded under the Rudd Government, causing headaches for Labor in opinion polls, particularly in crucial marginal seats in Sydney’s western suburbs.
Ms Gillard said we had to be honest when talking about the problem, saying she would oppose any attempt to shut down debate by labelling people concerned about border security as racist.

“I certainly dismiss labels like intolerant or racist because people raise concerns about border security, but we’ve also got to be very alive to the complexity of this and that there’s no quick fix,” she said.
Echoing Mr Howard’s comments on political correctness at the beginning of his prime ministership in 1996, Ms Gillard said she wanted openness in public debate to be a mark of her prime ministership, as long as people spoke with goodwill and were not critical of race or culture.

“There’s a temptation for people to use these labels and names to try and close down debate and I’m very opposed to that,” she said. “People need to be able to have honest discussions.

“So any sort of political correctness, or niceties that get in the way, I think, need to be swept out of the way.”

Well I’m glad that little discussion is out of the way.

Sheesh, what a cow. If there ever was a nett beneficiary to all the political correctness claptrap, it would be “the first female Prime Minster of Australia” would it not? Which ever way you dice it, the rise of Julia Gillard has a lot to do with such notions of ‘equal opportunity’ and ‘affirmative action’. There’s just no way you get a female prime minister in Australia given the relative underlying sexism in our society I hear about all the time from women, without a healthy push of political correctness.

I’m sorry, but it’s just the ugly shape of out society. So when the Prime Minister herself decides “no, I don’t want to be politically correct”, isn’t this the moment of hubris where somebody abandons the principles that brought them to history, to supplant them with their own damn whims and prejudices?

Far out. John Howard might not be a racist in Julia Gillard’s microscopically narrow definition but his immigration policies across the board were full of xenophobia. If we’re going to explain away the man’s xenophobic policies as not being racists but some fantasy of the ‘politically correct’ portion of society, I think the honorable Prime Minister is cutting off her nipples to spite her tits.

Try this one for size. If it’s okay for the Prime Minister to go throw out the political correctness paradigm with her used up bathwater, then how about I advocate that we all take her example and say “I won’t listen to some un-elected ranga, just because she’s living in The Lodge’. Or, “Australians’ all let us all disrespect the Prime Minister, for she is a mere woman”

I could say a lot worse. But I won’t. Because it would be politically incorrect, even if it were politically expedient.

FWIW at the next elections, I’m voting Green, you ALP muthers.

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