Oh Woe Is MEAA

More On The Hobbit Conflict

I’ve had a few more days to think about this, and people keep asking me what I think.

I’m of the opinion that it sucks that the MEAA is putting a production like ‘the Hobbit’ on the spot as some kind of test case to widen its claims. It’s not exactly collective bargaining, but singling out Peter Jackson and Warner Brothers.

If this were really a point worth fighting for, then the case should be made that all production in New Zealand and Australia should be stop-worked so there is a greater agreement about the terms of these contracts. Instead, they’re threatening one production out of many which might make for grabbing headlines but is doing untold damage to the reputation of shooting down under. The worst part of that is that it’s not an exchange I as an individual would have made, and I imagine there are plenty of others who feel the same way.

I understand that the MEAA thinks its doing the right thing, but it needs to understand that it’s doing it in absolutely the wrong way. It’s doing far more harm than any good that could come out of making Warner Brothers back down or go away. Because if they go away, they sure as hell won’t be the only major studio going away.

Parity Disparity

I’ve been meaning to write about this for days now since Pleiades handed me a page out of the Financial Review about the impact of an appreciating AUD. Every time the Australian Dollar goes up, there is a collective scream from the Australian Film industry because it means there will be fewer productions coming from America.

While I respect the contributions of that sector of the business it strikes me as rather pathetic that there’s nothing else around that those people are immediately out of work. I’ve been blogging about the industry for some time now but it seems incredibly sad that the lack of depth in our own production essentially exposes the vulnerability of the export sector of our industry  at the mere appreciation of our currency to parity with the US Dollar.

The Loved Ones Haiku

Ads are everywhere.

Testimonials are good.

Don’t think I’ll watch it.

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