Blast From The Past

Bongo Fury

Years ago, I got ‘Bongo Fury’ back in the day when buying CDs was still a relevant cultural activity, before Napster and mp3s and peer-to-peer sharing sent the music business to the wall. I bought it out of all the Frank Zappa CDs lined up in the shop that I didn’t have on the recommendation that it was Vaclav Havel’s favourite album.

If you think about it today, for one brief moment, all manner of wild things became possible in history. The Berlin Wall came down. Eastern Europe was liberated from the yoke of Soviet Russia. A Playwright was President. He was inviting Frank Zappa over to be the culture minister. Then, George Bush snr. and his administration stepped in and put the kibosh on that one. Yet for a brief moment, the values found in ‘Bongo Fury’ might have had a chance to step forward and do something real.

What values might that be? I don’t know – but I’ve always liked the carnality of  ‘Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy’ and ‘Muffin ‘Man’. I particularly like the sardonic ‘200 years’ and ‘Poofters Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead’.Quoting from it infuriated the faux-American-patriotism of the Angry Fat Man. That’s always good value.

Anyway, somebody brought a copy into work and thought I wouldn’t know this one. Like, uh, yeah.

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