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The World Goes Nuts

Back in late July when WikiLeaks leaked the video that caused a commotion, Julian Assange talked about how the blogosphere essentially doesn’t run with the data presented. Instead, we navel gaze. At the time, I made note of that statement because rightfully, I was chastised. That being said, I haven’t exactly dived into all the wonderful documents that have been leaked on WikiLeaks this time either. So once again Mr. Assange is right – most bloggers simply blog to share their values with their friends and nothing more. It is still the case on this blog as anywhere else I imagine.

What’s interesting about the recent turbulent events surrounding Mr. Assange and WikiLeaks, is just how much the US Government is trying to take down the man as well as the site. In the last week it has been reported that no less than Amazon, PayPal and some Swiss bank have all cut him off in a bid to shut down WikiLeaks. It is not clear whether it is because the government is leaning on them heavily or because the CEOs are genuinely conservative nutcases who jump before even being told to jump. While we don’t know these companies and the men who run them, we can read a lot into their actions of trying to force WikiLeaks off air.

So it is welcome news to find various groups fighting the powers that be by taking out punitive actions against companies that withdrew their support for Assange and WikiLeaks. It’s good that they get a dose of medicine from the world that is watching with bated breath. News that the group calling itself Anonymous has attacked Mastercard, VISA and PayPal is a fascinating development in this ever-evolving saga, and it gives you a sense of the global strife that is being created by free flow of information and transparency.

The main thing that I do want everybody to focus on is the actual leaks themselves. We are getting a lot more confirmations on things we suspected about the world, and there may actually be things in there that deserve fine scrutiny – Mark Arbib, for instance springs to mind. How can he keep low now that he has been named as the American government’s inside man?

Indeed questions beyond probity and perhaps loyalty should be directed towards Mr. Arbib in light of these revelations because depending on how you view it, he may have tipped his hand to the US government that he was going to engineer the downfall of Kevin Rudd. And if he did, then how do we know he wasn’t doing America’s bidding? Does anybody see the shades of the Dismissal in 1975 in all of this?

I’ve come to being a great sceptic of the Obama Administration as a result of how the Toyota recall was politicised, but this bit of information is being given a free pass. We should be asking more questions, instead of hosing them down.

In the same vein, the concerted action against WikiLeaks betrays a great bloody-minded drive of the said administration in the White House. Even Malcolm Turnbull – veteran of the 1980s Spycatcher trials thinks making a martyr of Julian Assange won’t do much good. While it is true Mr. Assange is now in custody for allegations of sexual misdemeanors, we’re in the early stages of what might turn out to be a disclosure on some fundamental truths about governments and how they rule above us all.

PS. While I am at it, I should offer up this link that better explains where the allegations come from, and why they are so dodgy.

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