What Will They Do Without Him?

Bill Hunter Is Sick

Apparently he has cancer.

Family and friends have gathered around Australian acting legend Bill Hunter, who is gravely ill in a Melbourne hospice.
Hunter’s manager Mark Morrissey confirmed this morning that his 71-year-old client’s health had deteriorated since he was admitted to the Kew hospice two days ago.
“Sadly, he has cancer, and it’s inoperable,” he said.

I know the standard joke for years has been that he’s the bloke in EVERY Australian film, from ‘Gallipoli’ to ‘Muriel’s Wedding’. What will the Australian film industry do when he’s gone? Can they make any credibly ‘Australian’ film without this man? Screen Australia will be unable to approve any projects!

I jest. But it is profoundly sad news that he’s so gravely ill.

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