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Self Promotion

Hey, You Can Buy My Stuff From Amazon Now!

I’ve got my songs up on Amazon now. You can purchase mp3 files for download, here.

I’m slowly working up to a proper CD release, but for the moment I’m posting up songs that may be (and hopefully) the wider public beyond on-line musos might be interested in.

Songs I’ve put up are mostly the most naughty ones I could find from my own catalogue, just to see if Amazon has a good taste policy – and they don’t seem to have one that stops my music from being available to the general public, so there you go. Yes, ‘Dungeon Dad’ and ‘Pony the Orangutan’ and ‘Pasta Sauce Man’ and ‘Astronaughty’ are all available for your purchasing pleasure!

So hop right along to the link above and start buying! 🙂

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