ALP In Spin Cycle Day 4

Ain’t Gettin’ It Done

It’s not entirely Kevin’s fault, but he’s not going to get it done tomorrow. he won’t have the numbers. Julia Gillard is looking smug so she probably knows what the vote number will be based on the factional bosses doing a headcount. That’s kind of that. I was swearing my head off about an hour ago, but that’s probably the anger phase of mourning. The fact of the matter is, the Australian public are not going to get their man back, no matter how much they support him through polls. His own party hate him even more.

In fact it’s being reported that some Labor MPs would rather be voted out at the next election than put Kevin back in the Lodge, so that explains the stodgy score line that really hasn’t moved in 3 days of speculating. They hate him so much like there’s no tomorrow; and quite frankly there won’t be too many tomorrows for the current ALP government. They will get tossed out at the next election no matter what. All this has done is to revive the emotions from the time Julia Gillard replaced Kevin Rudd. Clearly she is a better operator than Kevin Rudd, but her place in history won’t be as good as his thanks to her own government. It’s going to go down in flames.

At this point in time, I’ve decided I’ll brace for the inevitable Coalition win to come and years of living under the unscientific stupidity, willful ignorance, pathetic prejudice, and medieval mindset that is Tony Abbott. I don’t think I’m alone, with this dawning realisation. It’s a real shame it has come to this, and the ALP had better learn some thing from all this because the voters who supported Rudd and got burnt by Gillard are not going to be wooed back easily. As Mark Latham advised at the last Federal election, donkey voting may well be the best option. They got their minority government hung parliament for a reason last time. All this kerfuffle did was to remind us why we should dislike and despise Julia Gillard so much.

As Niccolo Machiavelli once pointed out, contempt is the most corrosive force to a leader’s standing. Let me just say my contempt runs deep for Julia Gillard and the current ALP faction bosses. If these MPs would prefer to lose office than see Kevin Rudd back, I am willing to help them out the door into the wilderness; and make no mistake, the ALP will be in the wilderness for a very long time after losing office this time. If an ALP party member should ever ask why I stopped voting, I will say, “your party broke faith with me first. You cannot un-fuck all that.”

I guess I’m pre-empting the vote tomorrow, but all indications are that Kevin Rudd hasn’t got the numbers. Simon Crean was smart in trying to nip it in the bud early. The unintended consequence is that it reminded me of my rage about the change in June 2010 and now I will never vote for the ALP as long as Julia Gillard is their leader.

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