A Terrible Year

And It’s Only September

What can I say, Tony Abbott and the Coalition won. This is a terrible thing, but hey I’m with the guy that started this meme:

Don't Blame MeTalk about the mother of all disappointments. It reminds one of the joke about the little kid who is asked by a Latin American Generalissimo if he knows the difference between a disaster and a catastrophe.

The little kid responds, “Yes Generalissimo. A Disaster is when you and your cabinet are in a plane crash. A Catastrophe is when you survive that crash.”

Well, this election is that crash and the winning survivor is… Phoney Abbott. That’s it. I’ve decided to call him that because basically he never told his crackpot climate-change-denyin’ loonie mob to take down the ‘Ju-liar’ tag, so here’s serving up the same cold soup. From now on he is Phoney Abbott to me until he is ousted from office.

Actually, looking at how the ALP did this time, it seems like they did save the furniture so Phoney can’t claim that he has some great mandate. The ALP are with a fighting chance to come back if they can just get their house in order. Still I imagine there’s going to be quite a bit of recriminations and bickering in the days to come. Greg Combet was already winding up with a few spitballs on the ABC tonight.

I’m still stunned that the middle shifted ground back to these lousy conservatives. What idiots. I guess it’s just a case of “they know not what they do”. That’s the problem with willful ignorance – it delivers conservative governments. I guess this horrible day had to come; but did this have to be such a terrible year?

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