World War Z

Another Zombie Apocalypse

They keep making iterations of this idea. It comes out of ‘Omega Man’ which became ‘I Am Legend’; there’s also been ’28days’; and now we have Brad Pitt braving the waters doing a movie about the rise of the zombies. Some have praised this film as being pretty good as Zombie movies go. Others have complained that it justifies Israel putting up a wall to separate out the Palestinians. It’s hardly ‘Moneyball’ and it’s certainly not that thought-provoking.

What’s Good About It

Not really sure. Pass.

What’s Bad About It

It looks tired. Brad Pitt looks tired. The whole thing looks worn out and boring. The kid actors playing Pitts daughters look tired and bored.

About the most novel idea of the film was the attempt to match the pandemic panic film with the zombie movie, except ’28 Days’ sort of beat them to that punch well and good and was a lot more compelling.

What’s Interesting About It

It’s not like it’s a dead write-off but there’s really not a whole lot that’s interesting about this film. It’s perhaps quite remarkable that way. I found none of it compelling or challenging or interesting. It’s not allegorical, it’s not metaphorical, it’s pretty much a big budget Zombie movie starring Brad Pitt. It’s about as sophisticated as ‘Iron Man’ without the witty quips.

It’s not bad as such; there’s craftsmanship in there aplenty but somehow it adds up to a largely innocuous zombie movie. In someways this is the dead opposite of something like ‘Movie 43’ which is clearly a bad film, but it has lots of interesting things to watch and talk about. One shouldn’t set out to make bad films, but one also should not set out to make boring films either and this one is pretty tedious.



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