Fools On The Hill

Day After Day…

I kid you not, everyday brings news of something so illogical and founded on imagined notions to make you wince, getting enacted into policy by this Federal government. If they’re not putting something into policy, they’re telling us how they think it ought to be.

Take this cretin here.

Another Angry Fat Man of the right-wing nutjob persuasion. Well fed and full of hate.


George Christensen, the LNP member for the Queensland electorate of Dawson, has sparked outrage on twitter after he posted a photo of an impoverished child and called for a reality check from Australians and their first world problems.
“Aussies should do a tour of Asia & live like locals to put these 1st world complaints re budget in perspective,” he wrote.

The tweet prompted an immediate backlash with one user tweeting “Translation: Aussie battlers should take a glimpse at LNP model for Australia’s future”.
Mr Christensen did not taken kindly to the criticism, and replied that Australians concerned about tough budget measures needed to realise how “minuscule” their complaints were on a global scale.

He followed up his original tweet with: “Try getting any serious form of welfare in Thailand or other SE Asian nations.”

Just look at that guy. Well fed and brimming with excess calories, he thinks Australians ought to be grateful they’re getting the budget from hell because the alternative is an impoverished Asian country. Forget for the moment that another wing of this mean-spirited government is busily sending asylum seekers to Cambodia a country which fits such a description.

What we can discern from this is that the Liberals and Nationals set a very low bar for themselves and their governing endeavors. It’s a government of people who want to invent their own facts, right from the top down. Both Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey concocted a budget emergency and part of that plank was that produtivity was stagnating in Australia. The big surprise today is that productivity is actually rocketing upwards.

The good news is that labour is already performing. The counting of that is yet to catch up to the performance, but it is happening.

Well, I think it’s good news. Given the government’s narrative preferring doom and misery, maybe that isn’t good news for the current leadership – it doesn’t support their usual story of Labor’s labour reforms destroying the economy.

In other words, Hockeynomics can go take a hike. There are other things the Coalition government are doing that would make you shake your head. Especially the bits to do with climate change. They keep scrapping and sacking things to and people to do with dealing with Global Warming and here we sit in a record-breaking month in Sydney where we’ve had the most days above 20degrees on record. Global Warming is clearly going on in plain sight for all to see and the fools who run the country are busily trying to expunge it from reality by sacking and retrenching people. The effects of this is that this expertise we’ve been investing in will scatter to the globe. It’s a braindrain facilitated by a government of fools.

I lambast them daily and really, this makes no difference because so many idiots decided to vote this bunch in, so the only pleasure I can take from this is the Schadenfreude of saying, “told you so!”

Pleiades says he’s sickened by what Australia has become. It worries me that Australia voted in this mob. I keep thinking just where it was that things went wrong, but it’s hard to say. I used to think it was a tragedy that Tony Abbott got up over Joe Hockey and Malcolm Turnbull by one vote; except the way Joe Hockey has gone about this budget shows that he might not have been too different had he won that day and became opposition leader. We’d still be looking at this crazy budget and insane government; just differently nuanced through Joe Hockey’s boofy persona instead of Abbott’s lip-licking-lizard persona.

Had Julia Gillard not been in such a rush to pull down Kevin Rudd, or if Kevin Rudd had stuck to his guns over the ETS… Maybe it was the moment Rudd put too much stock in the outcome of the Copenhagen talks. But at lest he did what he thought was best and worked hard. Abbott essentially rocked up into the top job without really doing any coherent policy work.

These are exactly the kind of hypothetical questions that teachers of history warn us against. What we have are facts – and the facts are these: Australia voted in a grossly deficient, mostly unintelligent bunch into office simply because they hated the infighting of the ALP. The chief of the idiots is running this country like he has a huge mandate when in fact there’s no factual support for such a view. As a result this country is going to hell in a basket. It’s really not much fun.


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