About This Blog

What’s This Blog About?

Seinfeld famously declared his show was about nothing. Well, this blog is a blog about everything – everything I’m interested in anyway. I’ve been blogging for a few years and have decided to just combine the lot of my interests and put it in one spot.

Here are some topics I am likely to cover along the way.

* Rock Music, LPs, CDs, Performances, Instruments, Equipment, Playing, Recording, Mixing.
* Cinema, Movies, Filmmaking, Video, Moving Image, Hollywood, Indies.
* Contemporary Art. Particularly from Japan. Also Censorship issues will be discussed as they come.
* Writing, Ecriture, Scribbling, Typing, Novels, Poetry, Journals, and of course Blogs!
* Baseball. MLB, NPB. Warning, I’m a Yankee fan. No Apologies.
* Sport. From Soccer to Cricket to Rugby to AFL to Fantasy teams.
* Science & Space Exploration
* Culture, Counterculture, death of culture, culture of death, Yoghurt Culture.
* Politics – Doesn’t everyone at some point?

That Being Said… Judging from what people are searching for to get to this blog, people are REALLY interested in Adolf Hitler having only one testicle; Marilyn Chambers the 1970s Porn Actress; Alexander Pearce the Tasmanian cannibal of the 1820s.

I used to write more about the film industry in Australia, but I’ve lost faith. It’s really not an industry so much as a vested interest tugging at the government sleeve for more pay outs so I figure it’s really best to just leave it all to the people who think there’s hope. I think it’s best described as being without hope.

What Do You Mean By Art Neuro?

Art Neuro is a handle I’ve had for over a decade. It’s my little homage to the cyberpunk ethos, except I’m not really a hacker at all. The only hacking I do is the writing here and the swings in the batting cages.
Part of what I want to explore is enhancing my creative life through this internet thing, and as part of that process I’m releasing stuff here and there and everywhere.
I’ve always wanted to write a manifesto, but I imagine the moment I finish it, I’d be racked by the desire to tear it all down and start again. So in lieu of a manifesto, I will say this about my stuff. My brain half lives on the internet. The stuff you read here or hear in my music or see in my videos is a direct application of my thoughts and intuition. So, welcome to my world-view.

Pre-History of This Blog

The precursors to this blog over at Blogger were:
Flaming Horses:
Spacefreaks version 1:

Spacefreaks and 2:

This business of splitting blogs into science and culture didn’t quite work, so I’m bringing both elements back together. It’s mainly so that I don’t feel the pressure to split stuff according to an imaginary readership. If you like what I have to say about music, you might like what I have to say about biology – and vice versa. So give it a shot.

The Motto of The Blog Is…

The Issue Ain’t Pussy, It’s Monkey

This line comes from the film ‘The Right Stuff’. It’s hard to explain just why this irrational line is the motto here, but it just is.

Will You Eat Lunch In This Town Again?

There’s an old line that one will never eat lunch in Hollywood after behaving badly towards the film business in America. In the context of the Australian Film Industry, I probably won’t be eating lunch in this town again, thanks to this blog.

Now that I think of it, I wasn’t exactly eating anything – let alone lunch – before, so I don’t see how this blog is going to change anything. But I tell you, it’s better than eating that which is lumpy an brown.

A Word Of Warning About Comments

You’re all free to comment.
If you are clearly a dickhead, I will tell you so. There are many in this world and it surprises me none if a dickhead chooses to express his dickheaditude more freely than an ordinary person.
As such, I will happily moderate the comments.
Yes, I do believe in Freedom of Speech, but I don’t think it’s a license to vilify, and I sure don’t think Freedom of Speech covers dickheads being dickheads.

4 responses to “About This Blog

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. The Closer

    Great blog! Geep going

    A fee Gen X’s even ended up in business:


    Darn those pesky Gen Y coming through.

    The Closer

  3. Hello Art Neuro, Found your blog when looking for thought on Picasso to quote in a big post about Picasso (http://bit.ly/TqFWAG), ended up quoting you twice. Bookmarked you, and finally got round to browsing a bit – looks good stuff. Also listened to Robot Girl, and that went down well. Cheers, John

  4. Hi John, thank you for dropping in and having a look around. I’m afraid the Picasso thing was more of an exception than the sort of thing I normally blog about, so I’m very flattered that you found it useful. Very glad you made it out to Robot Girl as well; I’m very edified. Thank you once again!

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