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ALCS Game 6

The Yankees Win

Like, that was more a relief than an outburst of joy. Andy Pettitte did the thing he does best and win a deciding match for the Yankees, setting a post-season record. A lot of these post-season records are pretty vacuous, thanks to the recent addition of extra rounds in the post-season to accommodate the Wild Card, but I guess you can’t discount anybody who sets any kind of record in the pot-season of any description.This kind of 5-2 win is exactly the way the Yankees used to do it back in the late ’90s.

Fangraphs has this graph.It shows the Yankees got on top with Nick Swisher’s single in the 4th inning and then worked to keep the advantage, never relinquishing it. Unfortunately after that point I was led away by my back pain until way after the game finished, all the while fretting. That’s life with a pulled muscle in the back.

It’s nice that the Yankees are heading back to the World Series after 6 years. It’s been a really long 6 years, I’ll tell you that right now.

4 More Wins!

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