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ALCS Game 6

The Yankees Win

Like, that was more a relief than an outburst of joy. Andy Pettitte did the thing he does best and win a deciding match for the Yankees, setting a post-season record. A lot of these post-season records are pretty vacuous, thanks to the recent addition of extra rounds in the post-season to accommodate the Wild Card, but I guess you can’t discount anybody who sets any kind of record in the pot-season of any description.This kind of 5-2 win is exactly the way the Yankees used to do it back in the late ’90s.

Fangraphs has this graph.It shows the Yankees got on top with Nick Swisher’s single in the 4th inning and then worked to keep the advantage, never relinquishing it. Unfortunately after that point I was led away by my back pain until way after the game finished, all the while fretting. That’s life with a pulled muscle in the back.

It’s nice that the Yankees are heading back to the World Series after 6 years. It’s been a really long 6 years, I’ll tell you that right now.

4 More Wins!

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ALCS Game 5

Tough Loss

Cripes, when isn’t a loss tough? Jeez. I’m still trying to digest this one. I have no idea if this year’s Yankees are actually good as advertised, better, or worse. It’s the strangest 100-game winning Yankees since the 2003 bunch. They can score runs in bunches and give away runs in bunches.
Based on what happened today, they showed the good and the bad and ended up losing a 1-run game.

It’s seriously hard to figure out. 1-run games really are a matter of luck, but a game where they put on 6 runs in an inning is usually a game they should win.  Is this another game where you put it down to the vagaries of baseball? Or is it a game that reveals some flaw in the Yankees as constructed? You sort of shrug at the result and ponder the imponderables.

Phil Hughes took the loss for his efforts in the seventh, but it’s Burnett that has 6 runs against his name in the earned runs. Neither team made an error. I’m still shaking my head. The Yankees have got to win one of these again soon. They get 2 shots back in NYC. In an ideal world, they don’t get out to Game 7 and make Sabathia pitch again – but we all know this series was going to be epic. Something tells me it’s going to get to Game 7.

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ALCS Game 4

Totally Missed It

This is the reality of life and work and death and taxes. Some games, you can’t even follow the score on the Yahoo gamecast. I’m more stunned to see the score line of 10-1. I guess Sabathia really is that good and can make the Angels look like the Orioles.

The box score makes for interesting reading, as does the recap:

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Yes, the umpires were terrible again and have positioned themselves as the theme of the playoffs, along with the temperature, the battering by Ryan Howard(notes) and renaissance of Alex Rodriguez(notes), and the fact you can’t trust your closer anymore.

It’s fine for the umps, because it seems they’ve been out of position on everything else. I think we can assume that when the next discussion on instant replay comes around, they’ve probably lost their vote (along with their right to gripe about the result).

It will be written that they cost the Los Angeles Angels some on Tuesday, which of course they did, but if they were unlucky on all the calls they guessed on, they were at least lucky the New York Yankees had CC Sabathia(notes), who took the baseball on three days rest and made sure Game 4 would hardly be a game at all, and A-Rod, who hasn’t missed more than a handful of pitches since the end of August. It’s nice when life sends you cover.

As it is, the Yankees are a win from their first World Series appearance in six years after routing the Angels, 10-1. They have won six of their seven playoff games. Sabathia has won three of them. Rodriguez has five home runs and 11 RBIs. Welcome to the new Yankees.

I’m guessing it was one of those horror games where the road to hell is paved not with good intentions but umpiring decisions. Still, when I think about the 2007 midges game in Cleveland, I take this one. 5 more to go.

A-Rod looks like he is da-bomb, having knocked yet another over the fence. Even Melky had 3 hits in this orgy of offense form the Yankees. The Series averages of the Angels tells a pretty sorry tale.  Or that the Yankees pitching overall has been excellent.

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ALCS Game 3


The Yankees lost 5-4 in the bottom of the 11th. I wasn’t following it today but I did know they were up 3-1 at one point. I’m trying to take the positive out of this one and I guess it comes down to the fact that the Angels had to push into the 11th to get their victory. These epic extended inning extravaganzas tend to go 50-50 with a slight advantage towards the home team, and the Yankees have already won 3 of those this post-season, so it’s a little bit of regression to the mean.

As Vinh the lunch shop guy said to me today, “I know you want to win them all, but you can’t win them all.”

He’s right of course, but I still get bummed out with losses. Imagine what King George thinks. I know the second guessing is one, but really, the Yankees are 5-1 in the play-offs to date. They weren’t going to go 11-0. The Ange; were not going to roll over, and some of these decisions will go wrong and the Yankees will come up short.

The Yankees send CC to the mound again tomorrow to face Scott Kazmir. You’d think the Yankees are in it with a good chance tomorrow. I know it’s twee but as the lady said, tomorrow is another day!

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ALCS Game 2

I Have No Fingernails Left To Gnaw

The Yankees squeezed something magical out of the bottle in extended innings and won 4-3 in the 13th with an error by the Angels. But even before it got to that, A-Rod hit a solo homer in the 11th to keep it alive. It was shaping to be a pitcher’s duel when it gave way a total war of the bullpens. The Yankees had 13 hits the Angels 8, and the score line ended up being 4-3.

Still, you take those wins and savor them as much as you take all the losses that got the team eliminated from the Post-Season in previous years.

That had to be a game for the ages, and all of a sudden the Yankees are 2-0 up. I’m exhausted just following it. I imagine the players must be wasted after a game like that. The teams now head for Anaheim where it’s a little warmer. You hope the Yankees can get those 2 wins while they’re there.

Just, wow.

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ALCS Game 1

Textbook Win

That’s 1 win out of the way….

No homeruns from the Yankees, but plenty enough hitting to push 4 runners over the plate. The Angels struggled mightily in the filed giving out 3 errors, which helped the cause. In turn, the Angel bats only got 4  hits off CC Sabathia and Mariano Rivera combined. The former pitched 8 solid innings as hoped, conceding 1 run.

If you drew up the plans for how a post-season game was going to go in the last off-season, this game was it. Lackey didn’t pitch a bad game, it was just that the Yankee offense was too good. Meanwhile the Yankee pitching was dominant, and that was about the beginning and end of it.

The funny thing is that right up until 2003, you sort of expected to see post-season games go like this from the Yankees. You sort of appreciate just what happened that off-season when Clemens and Pettitte walked and El-Duque also went, leaving Moose. The Yankees on paper looked like post-season contenders in most of the intervening seasons but they were routinely let down by the starting pitching – but all that’s for another day.

It’s nice to see the Yankees Ace can carry the team for 8 innings and hand it over to Mo to save. It’s just the way you’d want it, picture perfect.

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