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A Terrible Year

And It’s Only September

What can I say, Tony Abbott and the Coalition won. This is a terrible thing, but hey I’m with the guy that started this meme:

Don't Blame MeTalk about the mother of all disappointments. It reminds one of the joke about the little kid who is asked by a Latin American Generalissimo if he knows the difference between a disaster and a catastrophe.

The little kid responds, “Yes Generalissimo. A Disaster is when you and your cabinet are in a plane crash. A Catastrophe is when you survive that crash.”

Well, this election is that crash and the winning survivor is… Phoney Abbott. That’s it. I’ve decided to call him that because basically he never told his crackpot climate-change-denyin’ loonie mob to take down the ‘Ju-liar’ tag, so here’s serving up the same cold soup. From now on he is Phoney Abbott to me until he is ousted from office.

Actually, looking at how the ALP did this time, it seems like they did save the furniture so Phoney can’t claim that he has some great mandate. The ALP are with a fighting chance to come back if they can just get their house in order. Still I imagine there’s going to be quite a bit of recriminations and bickering in the days to come. Greg Combet was already winding up with a few spitballs on the ABC tonight.

I’m still stunned that the middle shifted ground back to these lousy conservatives. What idiots. I guess it’s just a case of “they know not what they do”. That’s the problem with willful ignorance – it delivers conservative governments. I guess this horrible day had to come; but did this have to be such a terrible year?

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Fear Of The Unknown Unknowns

Sometimes ‘The People’ Are Idiots

The unthinkable is about to happen. No, not World War III, but an Abbott government is about to get in if the polls are to believed. This is about as swift a turn to the right as you can get and show what ingrates and opportunists the political middle ground of this country can be. But the bit that gets me the most is that the swinging middle of the electorate is about to vote into office a decidedly sorry lot who have refused to have their costings looked at until 3 minutes to midnight in the election. If their intellectual dishonesty doesn’t stink to high heaven, their efforts in government surely will because these people are banking on doing some pretty stupid things.

A couple of days I ago, I pointed out that their policy on the internet and broadband alone should disqualify them from taking office, but close behind their idiotic NBN policy is their climate policy – their so-called Direct Action plan. I know it’s late in the game and we’re all past reading stuff, but here’s a link from Pleiades that’s worth reading: Part I & Part II. In Malcolm Turnbull’s own words:

Because most capital equipment, especially in the energy sector, has lives running into many decades, the business is going to require assurance that the government subsidy will match the life of the asset – so running well beyond 2020.

Which is why a subsidy scheme which terminates in 2020 will achieve very little….

Having the government pick projects for subsidy is a recipe for fiscal recklessness on a grand scale and there will always be a temptation for projects to be selected for their political appeal.

In short, having the government pay for emissions abatement, as opposed to the polluting industries themselves, is a slippery slope which can only result in higher taxes and more costly and less effective abatement of emissions.

Which is to say, Malcolm Turnbull is saying Direct Action can’t work. Certainly not in the way the Coalition have gone about selling it; and of course all of it suffers from the great credibility gap of Tony Abbott being an un-reformed climate sceptic global-warming denier.  There’s just no knowing how any of this Direct Action policy is going to work or if it’s even viable.

Pleiades also wanted me to point out to you that the Coalition do not have an Arts Policy. At all. Not a sausage. This is probably not surprising in that the arts community of this country is entirely, reflexively hostile to the Liberal and National parties, so if anything they probably just want to abolish all arts funding. (And I admit there’s an evil side to me that wouldn’t mind seeing that because I find the reflexive progressivism of Australia’s arts community to be pretty obnoxious. But that’s a different issue altogether!)

Even the alleged strong suit of the Liberals looks pretty crappy today. Here’s Michael Pascoe lambasting Joe Hockey yesterday after the Liberals gingerly released their costings.

After all the huffing and puffing, Hockeynomics is only proposing a $6 billion improvement in the budget’s cash bottom line over four years. In light of the past four years of hyperbolic fiscal posturing, this is genuinely astounding.

Even if you take year three and four budget projections seriously (and you really can’t, as everyone should now know), that works out to be an average improvement of $1.5 billion a year on a $400 billion budget – all of 0.375 per cent. It’s not even a rounding error. A half-decent Queensland storm can blow that away in half an hour.

By way of comparison, Tony Abbott is blowing $1.8 billion on reviving the novated lease/FBT tax lurk enjoyed by a minority of new car buyers, let alone an even smaller minority of voters. Consider the massive percentage increase in the Coalition’s budget improvement goal that could be obtained by implementing just this one tax policy based on principle and equity instead of subsidising a few salary packaging firms. Hey Joe, do the math.

After all the histrionic fuss and slanderous accusations about waste, the Coalition proposes to save a relatively speaking marginal 6billion. The way Abbott carried on for 3 years, you’d think that Australia was about to turn in to Greece (uhh, …no) or go into a Great Depression Mk. II (uh… no again); but of course it’s not like he’s got any real savings on offer and is instead proposing a largely skewered-to-the-wealthy paid maternity leave programme.

And frankly, you’d have to be pretty dense to be voting for any of these claptrap policies thought up in the isolation chamber of entitled sectionalists hoping to scare the electorate into voting for them. But that’s what really gets me. Middle Australia is saying to the pollsters that’s exactly what they’re going to do. Vote in the eminently unsafe, unhinged, reactionary monarchist, sectarian nutjob that is Tony Abbott as their Prime Minister.

I’ve been racking my brains as to who but those with expensive Private School educations, would be voting for this mob? The western suburbs of Sydney they say. But for the life of me I can’t imagine why the people in most need of support would vote in the people who are going to kick them in the hip pocket.


…the scuttlebutt has been that the polls seem to indicate 53-47 to the Coalition. Even this has been disputed by some. It turns out the polls are collected by landline, so they  skew heavily towards the retired elderly, who are in general more conservative-leaning than the young who do not bother with landlines and get about on their mobile phones. Pleiades tells me when pollsters conducted a poll that included mobile phones, it started to look more like 50-50, which is to say, a hung Parliament is once again on the cards.

Now that, would be cool because then Tony Abbott will chuck a hissy fit again and not deal, and that would leave us with another minority ALP government, just to stick it up the noses of all these idiot munchkin editors who claim stability is more important. (Only the editor of the Age had the good sense to argue in favour of the ALP based on policies; and based on policies, he had the NBN as the leading item followed by Gonski. I call that doing his job. What the hell are the other papers doing but playing cult of personality and personality politics?)

The most terrifying of them might have been the editorial on the SMH. Yes, the Sydney Morning Herald no less supports Tony Abbott. Now, I’d normally quote the most coherent part but amazingly the editorial presents very little coherence of argument about policy and mostly has knocks on how history has unfolded. Well Mr. Editor we’ve all been reading your paper and we can tell you your characterisation of the last 3years in this sorry editorial is mostly impressionistic nonsense not worthy of consideration, that somehow illogically ends up supporting Tony Abbott with a plea for stability.

Heck, Hosni Mubarak’s Egypt was ‘stable’ for 28years.  Saddam Hussein’s reign was equally stable. Muammar Gaddafi too. I don’t think stability in of itself is any good, and this is exactly the point where armchair political scientists go wrong. Niccolo Machiavelli argued in favour of a stable government, but the second condition a government had to fulfill beyond stability according to Machiavelli, was delivering the maximum benefits to the maximum number of people in the constituency. Somehow I don’t think the Liberals and Nationals are capable of the latter. So, I don’t know how we’ve come to this, but this election campaign period has exposed the editor in chief of the Sydney Morning Herald as an idiot munchkin – something I did not know until today. You sure can put that down to “you learn something new everyday”.

This election is going to be a litmus test to see how stupid people are. In future people will be able to look back and ask which way you voted. If you say you voted for the Liberals and Nationals in 2013, you will be laughed at for your stupidity.

Just don’t vote for the Coalition what ever you do.

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Fear Of The Known Unknowns

Our Own Bloody Fault John Hewson?

Good Grief Charlie Brown part II is how Tony Abbott’s Liberals are not releasing their costings until Thursday before the election. I keep thinking this is fraudulent on the part of Abbott, but John Hewson was on radio defending this bit of ‘strategy’ (it hardly seems worthy of the word, but  there you go). Hewson, who was badly burnt in the 1993 un-losable election because he released his policy details sees that as a watershed moment when politicians realised that the electorate is easily scared and if you have policies, you’re better off not telling the electorate during election campaigns. We only have our selves to blame, reasoned Hewson.

You gotta hand it to old John Hewson. He did lose in 1993 well and good and thank bloody goodness for that. Aah, memories of Paul Keating’s “greatest victory of them all”.

I’d have to say while it sounds like some kind of causal link to the state of affairs today, I don’t think Hewson is right in drawing universals from his failed campaign. And all the same, it’s still unprincipled for Tony Abbott to be withholding his costings given that he’s been banging on about government debt and waste for the better part of 3 years and 9 months. Sure it didn’t work for John Hewson, but nobody remembers Hewson as a fraudulent politician. He’s accorded that much respect, which is why he gets asked by the media to commentate.

Tony Abbott on the other hand is firmly working with this notion that he won’t let us know what he’s going to cut to make his dumb figures fit. It’s game, it’s got chutzpah, but it’s an utter lie to suggest that this is anything but deceitful. And you know, this is the same simpleton that spent the last 3years banging on about the Carbon tax being some kind of deception by the ALP when in fact anybody with a brain understood that it was the price the ALP had to pay to form Government with the Greens. characterising at as a deception as Tony Abbott has done for the last 3 years must be one of the biggest con jobs in Australian political history – what little of it there is. So as it is with the completely cockamamie ‘Abbonomics’ or ‘Hockeynomics’ or whatever austerity-tinged idiocy they plan on bringing in, you have this layer of Orwellian lies to keep it all greasy so it goes down easy with the gullible electorate.

If this man wins this Saturday, I guess Australia has got everything that’s coming to it. Good Grief.

Then There’s Gay Marriage

While I’m on this wicket of calling out Tony Abbott and his indecent sense of politics, I want to point out that his defiant “people know where I stand” remark gave me the shits today. I know he’s a social convservative, a Catholic, an ethical midget and a moral munchkin from long ago but really Tony Abbott is copping out from answering why he holds to these socially conservative, Catholic views (views contradicted by the current Pope no less), and why there’s anything good with keeping gay people from having the marriage rights.

I’m not the biggest advocate of Gay Marriage rights. I just quietly support it from the side. Mainly because on a personal moral scale, I’m a libertarian at heart. I don’t think it’s the business of the state to dictate who can form marriage unions with other human beings given what we know of humanity and sexuality and psychology and history. If Tony Abbott is really going to be a standard bearer for these ‘conservative values’, he really ought to man up and spell out why exactly he thinks it’s in the state’s interest to say no to Gay Marriage. Just something that shows his moral reasoning on this is something beyond “because God says it’s wrong according to the Pope.”

What’s Really Going To Piss Me Off About An Abbott Government

I’ll be honest here. What’s really going to piss me off about an Abbott government is how he’s going to sell us this crappy substitute for the NBN. His promise is that the people who’ve already got it can keep it, but the roll out will stop. So if you wanted the NBN, but if it hasn’t rolled out to your area, then stiff shit you’re not going to get it.

I just don’t see how this is even remotely fair or as politicians like to say equitable. To use the Liberal Party’s own logic on this, quite frankly, I paid my taxes, I expect to be treated equally under the law. I don’t see how it is going to be equal for some part of Australia to have 100mbps bandwidth and other parts 10mbps bandwidth just because Tony Abbott says 10mbps should be enough.

Let me put this to you all another way. As good as it sounds, 100mbps only gets us to the level playing field of average around the globe. Google recently trialled 1000mbps =1 Giga-bits-per-second  in Kansas city. 1 Giga Bits Per Second is 100 times faster than what Tony Abbott thinks is ‘enough’. One Hundred Times!!!!

Google put in this network for free, and suddenly all these companies were starting up in Kansas City, trying to take advantage of this speed. Even if Australia got the NBN at 100mbps, it’s still only 1/10th the speed of Google’s 1Ggbps network in Kansas City; and clearly, there’s a well-established correlation between high tech industry growth and internet speed. There’s a tech boom in Kansas City just because Google put in this network. As the ghosts whispered to Kevin Costner in ‘Field of Dreams’, “build it and they will come”.

This is a huge issue if Australia wants to become the financial hub in the Pacific rim. This is a huge issue if Australia wants to move on into the post-mining boom period, looking for next areas of growth. This is a huge issue if we want to have technological relevance and industries that can deliver in a post-industrial economy. We can’t just be mediocre at this stuff, we have to be good to great. And all these things are challenges the RBA and the current ALP Federal Government understand. Does Tony? (Rhetorical. Obviously the answer is ‘no’. *facepalm*)

Thus I find it incredibly hard to stomach the fact that Tony Abbott’s Liberal Party claims to be pro-business but is in fact 3 buckets of Luddite and a sack of stupid when it comes to its internet policy. It’s not surprising given their idiotic stance on climate change, but that is another issue. Yes, I’m pissed off about this more than just about any other aspect of their idiotic, as-yet-un-costed policy platform, and by extension I’m very angry at a middle Australia who want to vote in this lot. As Homer Simpson once asked the Guru on top of the mountains, “I mean, really? Really, really? Really, really, really?”

Seriously folks, if there’s one – and only one – point of differentiation that matters to the future of the Australian industrial landscape, it’s the NBN. Not the Carbon Tax, not Gay Marriage, not Industrial relations and not even the possible hiking of the GST. It’s the NBN.

So save the NBN: Don’t vote for the Libs. Everything else is either slamming the gate after the horse has bolted or fighting the tide of history. The NBN. Remember that when you go to the poll booths.

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I Want This To Stop

How About You Howard Sattler? Are You Gay? Do You Fuck Pigs Perhaps?

Good heavens. Why on earth does the Prime Minister of Australia have to answer questions like these?:

Howard Sattler offered the Prime Minister a chance to dispel ‘‘myths, rumours, snide jokes and innuendo’’ at the tail-end of a digressive interview on Fairfax-owned station 6PR this afternoon Perth time.

‘‘Tim’s gay,’’ was the first rumour Mr Sattler raised.

‘‘Well, that’s absurd,’’ the Prime Minister’s replied flatly.

‘‘But you hear it – he must be gay, he’s a hairdresser,’’ Mr Sattler said. ‘‘It’s not me saying it.’’

The Prime Minister dismissed the suggestion. But Mr Sattler pressed the point.

“You can confirm that he’s not?” he asked.

‘‘Oh Howard don’t be ridiculous, of course not,’’ the Prime Minister said, while remaining cool and composed. ‘‘On the internet there are lots of […] nutjobs, people who peddle and circulate vile things’’.

“Howard let me just bring you back to earth, you and I have just talked about me and Tim living at the lodge, we live there together as a couple, you know that.”

I never would’ve imagined we’d come to this. Nobody asks if Tony Abbott or Malcolm Turnbull or Joe Hockey or Warren Truss or Barnaby Joyce or Mal Brough if their spouses are gay, let alone press the point like there’s any kind of doubt about their sexuality. Nobody ever asked if Janette Howard was John Howard’s beard. Nobody is ever going to ask Tony Abbott if his wife is a lesbian or whether he can really prove if he procreated his children by having sex with his spouse. Just writing that last sentence fills me with revulsion because it is revolting – so why in the hell is it fair game to be asking these kinds of questions to our Prime Minister? Why does a prurient, venal maggot like this guy even have a job doing interviews?

If the next 90-odd days until 14 September are going to go like this, and stay as pathetic as this, I think I want to holiday somewhere far away from Australia until all this is over. As for Howard Sattler, I hope a Great White Shark takes him.

UPDATE: Howard Sattler has been sacked.

Radio 6PR General Manager Martin Boylen has confirmed presenter Howard Sattler has been sacked, following his controversial interview with Prime Minister Julia Gillard yesterday.

In a statement read on air late afternoon (AEST) the Perth radio station apologised “unreservedly” for allowing questions about the sexuality of Ms Gillard’s partner, Tim Mathieson, to be raised by Sattler on his Drive program.

“In the wake of yesterday’s interview, Radio 6PR suspended Mr Sattler from Broadcasting pending a review of the matter today,” the statement said. “The station has now decided to terminate Mr Sattler’s engagement.”

That is as it should be.

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Won’t Have Kristina To Dick Around Anymore

No Splintering To The Left

I have to admit that I must be pretty radical when it comes to the political spectrum. I’m not exactly a communist – far from it, but I sure as hell don’t run with the conservatives come hell or high water. Which chased me into my choice of voting Green. I don’t regret it even though in my seat, the Green candidate won’t come close to the line. The Liberal Candidate ended up with a 25% or so swing in his favour according to the election night telecast on TV. (Thanks Angela D’Amore, you are the gift that keeps on giving, like a Herpes virus).

I’m a little amused that Kerry O’Brien started off the night by saying it was going to be a bloodbath, everybody knows the result; the only question is just how much of a bloodbath. Even more amusing was the ALP colour commentator they had – Luke Foley, I think he’s called – who came across as somebody with an IQ of about 75. He had to admit it was catastrophic, the resulting devastation was going to be cataclysmic and that the ALP were going to have to do a lot of soul searching. Well, d’uh.

I guess nobody looks smart when their heads are getting beaten in; and yet even he had one reason to crow and that was that Carmel Tebbutt was likely to hold Marrickville against Fiona Byrne, and went on to bag out Fiona Byrne for being a terrible  candidate for the Greens.

Which all got me to thinking how much of the ALP vote that might have been swinging votes and traditional votes ran to the right into the arms of the Liberal and National Parties. Luke Foley was saying that the ‘Labor Heartland’ no longer exists. That might be true, and by extension this might be one of those elections that changes the state for ever. The ALP may not be able to win in NSW until well past 2020. And if the Hawke-Keating years and  the Howard years proved something, 10+years can change the culture of a place dramatically. NSW might turn into an arch-conservative state.

So where does that leave me with my radicalised environmental vote? Gagging on my recycled materials wooden spoon.

The Rush To The Right

Given the sort of miasma and nauseating whirlwind that was the Labor government of the last 4 years, it’s not surprising that the middle rushed to the right, just pull the handbrakes on the craziness. I don’t know if it’s even a rational choice given that 79% of the electorate don’t know what the Coalition’s policies are and that 65% voted them in.

The poll is at odds with predictions that the gap between the parties would narrow as voters paid more attention closer to the election. It suggests voters switched off long ago.

Asked how much they felt they knew about the Coalition’s policies, 79 per cent said they knew either ”little” or ”nothing at all”, with just 21 per cent saying they knew a lot.

Knowledge of Labor’s policies was slightly better, with 68 per cent saying they knew little or nothing and 31 per cent saying they knew a lot.

This could mean that a lot of people are going to wake up tomorrow and wonder just what the hell they’ve done but I guess it’s too late for that now. The ALP haven’t done much for the image of stability. That Karl Bitar fellow and ‘protected’ US informant Mark ‘The Mole’ Arbib have done over Morris Iemma, Nathan Rees,while doing the same Federally for Kevin Rudd and helping Julia Gillard to a hung Parliament has made the ALP a laughingstock in most conversations I’ve come across.

The unfortunate upshot is that it’s pushed a lot of people to the right, and it amazes me how unimaginative people are when it comes to their politics. Here’s the thing. I voted Greens last time too, but I preferenced ALP. If Nathan Rees was still Premier, I might have been persuaded to still vote ALP even. As soon as they dumped Rees and put in Kenneally I vowed they would not get my vote, and it’s a sentiment that’s been shared by many people I’ve spoken to. I’m amazed that most of the people who felt that way took it as a cue to vote in Barry O’Farrell, but I guess that’s the 2 party system for you.

In any case, it’s not like all is lost for the ALP faithful of NSW. It’s just a bleeding state election to kick out a tired, over-ripe, incompetent ALP government. Surely some of those who ran to vote in Barry O’Farrell will come back as prodigal votes. It’s the nature of politics.

Can The Greens Get Beyond The Marginalia Of Politics?

On the basis of tonight’s result, I think this is going to be a tougher ask than I thought. So far it’s counting about 11%. That suggests that:

  • 10 out of 11% are crackpot socialists and tree-hugging hippies and dope-smoking Newtown-ites.
  • Only the extra 1% represent the people who jumped to the left. The 20% swing to the right represent the middle.

I think 1% is an incredibly hard basis to build a platform upon when you’re already outnumbered 10 to 1 by the loonies in your own party. 13% at the Federal election was a good showing, but in closer examination, the Greens are still the party of feral-loonies, druggies, hippies the dispossessed and socialist-idiots.

By contrast, at 50% of the vote, the current crop of Coalition voters are people with desperate mortgages and the NIMBY crowd. Laura Norder didn’t even factor into it this time around.

One Final Thought About Kristina Kenneally

I’ll be flayed for writing this, but what the hell. Everything else is going down in flames.

I’m thinking that Kristina Kenneally has to represent the end of the line of that crappy brand of 1980s feminism that saw male chauvinism layered in to every text and wrote post-modern essays about gender politics in Shakespeare to Bananarama. Let’s call it, ‘Quota Feminism’ for want of a better tag. It gave us Verity Firth and Carmel Tebbutt and Angela D’Amore and Virginia Judge and Kristina Kenneally in an awful hurry.

Here’s the thing: If that line of thinking really had merit, Kenneally and company would have been more persuasive figures – And I do say this with my deepest condolences to the Po-Mo 1980s feminists I know, but the rise of Kristina Kenneally (and to some extent Julia Gillard) has got to be one of the more abstruse and disaffecting manifestations of that line of thinking.

Was it any good? Goodness, the proof sure is in the pudding tonight, isn’t it? Half the electorate ran screaming to a patriarchal-looking Barry O’Farrell. Doubtless Germaine Greer is going to write an article for The Observer over in the UK saying how this proves we’re all sexist shits in NSW, and how Kristina Kenneally was defeated by the forces of backward oppressive patriarchal men. But you see, that’s exactly where the ideological rot is at.


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On The Eve Of The NSW Election

Vote Green

I was at the usual shop picking up lunch when I ran into some people I always meet. One of them said he was thinking of voting for the Greens. The other was a gnarled mechanic in overalls saying the Greens want to bring in death duties. I interjected, “well why not?”

“Kerry Packer said why should his family give up money so you can misuse it?” the older guy retorted.

“For the common good. That’s why. I mean Jamie Packer didn’t exactly work for that money. Why the hell should he get such a big head start in life on account of his dad being obscenely rich?”

“Yeah but if my mum dies and she leaves half a million, why should the government tax that?”

“For the common good.”

“…But they’ll only waste that.”

“…and you’d only sit on it for you own pleasure. How’s that helping anybody? If it’s all the same, the 15% they would take from it would be put to better use than you sitting on it,” I offered. “I mean, you didn’t earn it. Your mum did; and when she goes, she can’t take it with her, so a portion may as well go to the state, because the state probably looked after her as much as you with its hospitals and doctors and nurses.”

You should have seen the guy’s expression. He was apoplectic with rage. I said, “mate, don’t worry. I think they should tax everybody more, but that’s just me. We don’t pay enough taxes as it is and we wonder why our hospitals are clogged with waiting lists.”

He looked even angier.

“I mean, tax everybody. Who really cares?” I continued. “The money you get taxed, do you really miss it? There’s still enough for you to pay your bills and pay your rent and still have a drink with your mates. I mean what were you going to do with it that was going to change other people’s lives? That’s what governments do, so give them what they need.”

“…But they’ll waste it,” he offered again. “That’s what governments do. They waste it.”

“What? On hospitals and ambulances and police and emergency rescue workers and all that? Roads and trains and water and sewerage treatment and electricity? How about schools for kids, day care centres for infants and libraries and colleges and TAFE? Apprenticeship schemes where you got your training, it’s all a waste is it?”

“Bullshit mate,” he snarled, grabbed his lunch, and stormed out. Couldn’t say I blamed him. I’d hate to be harangued by me while picking up my lunch too.

The first guy said, “I’ve been back to Greece and when you go to the country side, they have nothing. No roads, no schools, no sewerage or running water. It’s like medieval times. They don’t even know about taxes. Never even heard of the idea, let alone paid it. And the place is so backwards and they wonder why. So yeah, taxes are fine by me,” he said.

Apparently, that’s the way things are in the spiritual home of democracy and a country racked with sovereign debt issues.

So vote green, peeps! Vote for higher taxes for the rich. Get a little Bolshy. Higher taxes never killed anybody.

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The Lady Deserves A Beating

Sexism? I think Not

Kristina Kenneally may not indeed be the most odious Premier of NSW. It is a point I must concede. After all, Robert Askin sounds like he was as crooked as they come, and Bob Carr seems like one of the most insufferable human beings a man could meet. Nick Greiner left such a slimey impression what with his board memberships on so many dodgy PPPs, and Neville Wran was… Neville Wran.

The point being it is entirely possible she has not been the worst human being to grace the position of Premier of NSW. However, this puff piece had me choking.

During Verity Firth’s husband’s ecstasy scandal last week, Keneally’s staff almost fell over laughing when asked if their boss had dabbled with drugs. She similarly fails to grasp sexual innuendo during office banter, they say.

For all these reasons the Premier is likely to recoil, rightly, at the disturbingly sexist view of her that has arisen in focus groups assembled by the Liberal Party.

A senior Liberal source says a theme has emerged, particularly among male voters, that can be boiled down to: Keneally is the one-night stand who was fun at the time but insisted on hanging around the next morning, even though you wanted her to leave.

It’s always hard to know if selected snippets of internal polling like this reflect the true results or, more likely, illuminate one element for damaging effect. But there’s no argument that opinion polls showed voters had an immediate attraction to Keneally when she took on the job from Nathan Rees in December 2009.

”It was a flirtation, or some sort of infatuation,” the senior Liberal said. ”She’s obviously attractive but it was more than that; it was a novelty to have an American as premier – an American woman as premier.”

Almost everyone is surprised by how hard and fast Keneally fell in the polls when the love affair ended – to the extent that she now lags the Liberals’ Barry O’Farrell by 20 percentage points as preferred premier.

If people believe they’ve somehow been taken in by Keneally, that’s their view, fine. But our first female premier deserves better than being objectified because of her gender.

The last bit  is nuts. What she deserves is the line from ‘Unforgiven’, “deserve’s got nothing to do with it.” along with the electoral bullet to put her out of her misery.

But before getting to that point, here are at least 2 problems of Kenneally’s own links to scandal that this article glosses over. Number 1 is of course just how deep her dealings with Ron Medich (and the whole corrupt dealing aspect of Medich’s empire) actually go, and number 2 is the allegation that the Barangaroo contract for car parks benefits her husband Ben directly. So no, it is not true to say she is scandal free herself.

The four women who marched in to replace Nathan Rees with Kristina Kenneally as Premier, if I recall correctly were Verity Firth, Angela D’Amore, Carmel Tebbutt and Virginia Judge. Of these 4 MPs, Verity Firth’s in this drug scandal with her husband even if she had nothing to do with the said pill; Angela D’Amore has since been found to have been corrupt and been kicked out of the ALP; Virginia Judge has been accused of handing out grant money to her mates; which leaves Carmel Tebbutt the only one free of scandals.

I think the electorate has actually been highly supportive of the politically correct/anti-sexist line to the extent that when these women engineered the first female premier of NSW – though unelected she may be – the electorate perhaps was willing to give her a go. Okay, it’s true, I made a commitment to never vote for her government – one which I will keep – but other people around me have been umm-ing and aah-ing. They’ve told me they like the reality of having a female mayor of Sydney, a female Premier of NSW, a female Prime Minister and a female Governor General, plus a Queen.

In other words, sexism isn’t what’s going to kick Kristina Kenneally out. In all realistic appraisal, when Kristina Kenneally’s government does get voted out on 26th of March this year, it would be because of the collective shenanigans of all the NSW ALP members and staffers. That she contributed very little to the parade of scandals is not going to persuade people to keep this NSW government. Any argument mounted in favor of Kenneally’s government should face up to that daunting, brutal, frank reality.

In that light, the article was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read in the SMH in a long time.

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