Sour Grapes Of Wrath

Payback Begins

Walk-Off HBP gave me the heads up to this article.

English football, by far the richest in world football has begun its revenge on those that lied and thought that they would be teaching English football a lesson after the corrupt world cup hosting votes last Thursday.

The first victim is Thailand, the friendly set up with the England national team will now be canceled and it will not stop there.

Jack Warner, one of the biggest thieves and crooks in world football is number one on the English FA’s hit list after his outright lies to support the English bid, training academies and other projects funded by English football are also on the chopping block.

There are also serious moves within the FA to actually quit Fifa and go it alone, the days when world football could cope without England are gone, they need the vast amount of money that English football generates and reports today are that the English FA are to meet with the Australian, Spanish and USA FA’s to discuss a possible breakaway.

Nice to see good old vengeance in action. I think it’s worth considering pulling out of FIFA for Australia because there is no better time than to reforge the relationships in the game. 22 compromised Committee members to decide the whereabouts of 2 World Cups has end with the Russian Mafia and Qatari oil men winning their bids with less than satisfactory bids. Sour grapes may actually be a rational and reasonable response, after all, who the hell wants to contest a World Cup in Qatar, and how does the technically inferior Russian bid beat the English bid?

The utter absence of rhyme or reason gives ample ammunition to the simple argument, “why support this crap a minute longer?”

If the Americans and the English and Spain want to go it alone, then it’s worth hitching Australia’s wagon to that breakaway because frankly, Australia’s always gotten the short end of the stick from FIFA. Quite frankly, if they want Australia to stay, maybe they should have done more than to throw her a bone once in 35 years. I say it makes just as much sense to leave FIFA and deal with nations that at least share our cultural sense of fairness as well as grievances.

How Fucked Are They, Really?

Here’s an article about Australia’s consultant to the 2022 bid Paul Hargitay.

Mr Hargitay told News Ltd over the weekend that Football Federation Australia chairman Frank Lowy had “more access to the FIFA president [Sepp Blatter] than anybody I know because I arranged it”.

He also claimed Mr Blatter “was devastated” after Australia lost.

When asked why FIFA would back Qatar despite its crippling heat and lack of infrastructure, Mr Hargitay indicated Australia could not compete with the money being offered by the resource rich nation.

“You go figure it out. What do you think? What do you think motivates people, 14 of them, to vote for a country the population of Zurich, to vote for a country that is the size of Fiji, to vote for a country where the infrastructure to play host to millions of fans still has to be created … You go figure, how can 14 men make that decision?” he told SBS.

“The most fundamental mistake we [Australia] made, and there can be no other way, is that we played it clean.”

It’s all juicy stuff, but I thought that summed it up. Sepp Blatter of course was the man who said Australia was robbed in 2006 but there wasn’t much he could do about it except say sorry. I don’t know what to make of the man – it doesn’t seem like he’s a president of anything when you consider how the 22 committee members voted to get Russia and Qatar to be the hosts. It’s like they threw more than caution to the wind. Things like, practicality, honesty, genuine concern for the event and the game plus a few other bits.

Which all goes back to the first point. It might be worth Australia quitting FIFA. Who needs this in your nation’s life when it costs 40+million of tax payers’ money to bid, only to lose it all to cheats and gangsters and liars and swindlers?

Sepp Blatter is not the Pope. It’s not like the religious Reformation of the 16th-17th Century. Walk away, I say.

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