The Royal Wedding Bash 2011

The Royal Wedding Through A History Prism

It’s weird watching the spectacle of a Royal getting married because the main thing it brings to mind is in fact Henry VIII who married six times. Henry so wanted to marry Anne Boleyn, he split off the Church in England from Rome to ‘accomplish’ this deed. Perhaps the better way to do it is, to do as he pleased.

So, watching the service was rather interesting, what with all the glorious gold robes and the high vault of the cathedral and whatnot; all of it a remnant of the ties to the Catholic Church. I wondered what Pope Benedict XVI would have made of this spectacle. He probably sees it the way the Queen sees America – all that glory used to be ours. And oh, look, there’s Sir Elton John – singer, raconteur, and famous gay person – with his partner. In a Church. And the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams who has no problems with Gay Bishops! This stuff is priceless and writes itself, as does history, it seems.

Royalty is a strange business with all that symbolism. Their main job is to procreate the next generation so that the symbolism can be carried on. It’s a little like sport where in essence, you’re rooting for the laundry. In this instance, you’re rooting for lines of DNA.

I also noted that everybody knew the words to ‘God Save The Queen’ except Her Majesty. Then again, she wasn’t about to sing “God Save Me”, though she might have felt like it. God knows how she feels about the whole Diana thing now, now that the son she begot is headed for the throne and fully committed to the family business of trying to push out the next-next-next heir out of Kate Middleton’s womb. Oh, joy.

The People Allegedly Not Invited

Notably absent were Fergie, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Victoria Beckham and hubbie David were invited. That’s got to be an odd invitation list. Oh, and Elton John with partner.

The Royal Wedding Through A Diana Prism

I had no interest whatsoever in the Royal Wedding of Kate & Wills and all the hoopla until this morning when I saw an old reel of when his mother Diana  wed Prince Charles 30years ago. It struck me as tremendously sad and beautiful through the distance of 30 years gone by and how that marriage unraveled spectacularly, publicly and most importantly, in the most humiliating manner for both Diana and Charles. And knowing how Princess Diana died made the footage even more poignant. If that’s not quaint enough knowing that Princess Diana dies in an accident at the midway point between the two weddings bridging two generations, then the years since have been tainted with the sadness of watching the two younger princes left behind, grow up in the public glare without their mother.

Weddings are a horrible ritual in my books. I think I mentioned this before but I find them far more uncomfortable than christenings or funerals. But for once, all the symbolism made sense if not but to bring the narrative of the Royal Family back to a positive point. At least all that bad blood that surrounded Diana and her demise can be put to rest. The future of the Throne is secure, her son will ascend to be King one day. If there isn’t one day in thirty that the Royal Family could enjoy, this day should have been it.Then again, I doubt they have too many bad days.

I don’t know what Princess Catherine’s role is going to be in history, but one thing is for certain, her name is writ into the history books as surely as the wives of Henry VIII. People might find the Royal Family an anachronism, but one thing was certain, they still own the process of history in the making.

Did The Media Learn Anything?

That’s the big question. The media practically hounded Diana to her death. Of course she was complicit with some of the media, but you couldn’t blame her trying to take some control over something that was always threatening to ruin her life.

I wonder if the media is going to go hard at it with Princess Catherine as it did with Princess Diana. I guess they will. Did I hear a starting pistol go off?

The Chaser And That Censorship

I don’t like censorship at all, so I’m going to agree with those who say it is medieval of Clarence House to have put the gag on the boys. But then, the Royal Family think things should work around them as when there was a Great British Empire. Clearly they do not think incorrectly. I am no less a Republican, and I am deeply resentful of the gag order. The Chaser boys should do a show in guy Fawkes masks, the next time they do a show.

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  1. avonbrandt

    I don’t like censorship either, but I understood the problem with the Chaser was that the contract had a clause that prohibited use of wedding footage from being used in any comedy or satire. I suppose you could call it a kind of censorship, but in the case of a royal wedding, I do understand why they’d want to protect it from any sort of ridicule. Still, I think that the bulk of the coverage has been so overwhelmingly positive, I don’t think they really needed to put that kind of clause in the contract to protect their public image 🙂

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